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Fresh produce; season to season

Discover 9 Ways to fresh produce; season to season. Our versatile containers enhance produce appeal. With superb clarity, your customers will buy fresh. For more details Click Here.


All produce deserve a special display.


    Fresh Appearance

    Staying Power

    Enhances Colour

    Secure Placement


The containers have secure closures and are designed for efficient stack-ability.

For detailed specifications Click Here.


perimeter seal Containers

Preserve your product's integrity with our new Perimeter Seal containers. 


These additions to our Perimeter Seal Collection adds versatility to your product offerings.  A single cake serving and 12-pack mini cupcake or muffin container gives your customers more buying options.

Seal in freshness with these new perimeter seal containers.


The stylish, crystal clear packaging showcases your product's vibrant colour making your product a tempting treat.  

12-Pack Cupcake/Muffin Perimeter Seal Container: TRI43222, Dimensions: 9.86" x 7.00" x 2.38"


Cake Slice Perimeter Seal Container: 829331. Dimensions: 5.65" x 5.85" x 2.82" 


Increase your tamper evident product offering with these new Grab & Go Tamper-Visible™ containers.


Designed with POLAR PAK's BreakAway™ technology these containers have closures that prevent tampering.


These new containers are great for convenience stores and are available in convenience packs.

The 12oz 4-pocket container allows you to use your creativity in your product offering, giving your customers more variety. 


The featured 11oz Car-Cup container is designed to fit in a standard car cup holder and will hold more than just nuts - use your imagination to fill it!


The stack-ability design optimizes shelf space and improves merchandising. Tamper-Visible™ containers don't require shrink bands or tear strips. 


For more details contact your local POLAR PAK Representative.

12oz 4-Pocket Tamper-Visible™ Container: 5.97" x 6.08" x 1.54"


11oz Car-Cup Tamper-Visible™ Container: 4.29" x 4.87" x 3.43"


The new CakePAK Select containers have a Revolutionary EZ Release™ System.


The patented design improves customer satisfaction by eliminating the struggle to remove the dome which in turn preserves the decoration and frosting.

CakePAK Select has a unique outer dome fit and easy-to-use press and lift tabs.


The container's clarity will enhance your beautiful cake and tempt your customers.


You'll increase your merchandising display space with its durable stack-ability.

Flat Cake Black Base: CKBFLAT11 Dimensions: 11"


Flat Cake Black Base: CKBFLAT13 Dimensions: 13"


Clear Cake PanelDome: CKDMPAN11525 Dimensions: 11" x 5.25" (assembled lid and base height)


Clear Cake PanelDome™: -CKDMPAN13525 Dimensions: 13" x 5.25"  (assembled lid and base height) 


Your customers will enjoy eating from these coupe sugarcane bowls. Highly versatile and perfect for any type of hot or cold foods, soup or salad; they are part of a beautiful stylish collection of sizes. Food stands out in these creatively designed bowls displaying a delicious looking meal.

Eco-Products coupe bowls are strong, grease and cut resistant. The bowls are made with sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource, and 100% 

renewable and reclaimed resources.


These four new sizes 6oz, 24oz, 32oz, and the 46oz are now included in the Coupe Bowl family to add versatility to your product offering.The bowls are 

microwavable and freezer safe.

Coupe Bowls are available in 6, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 46 oz. sizes with lids available for 16 - 46 oz. sizes. 


Coupe Bowl: EPBL6 Dimensions: 6oz

Coupe Bowl: EPBL24C Dimensions: 24oz

Coupe Bowl: EPBL32C Dimensions: 32oz

Coupe Bowl: EPBL46C Dimensions: 46oz


Bluestripe Flat Lid: EPBLRLID Fit Dimensions: 16-46oz

Greenstripe Flat Lid: EPBLLID Fit Dimensions: 16-46oz

Bluestripe Dome Lid: EPBLRDLID Fit Dimensions: 16-46oz

For more product details Click Here.


Sometimes you just need to chill out. That's why Eco-Products designed compostable Paper Cold Cups.


They're lined inside and out with Ingeo™ biopolymer, so you can fill your cup to the brim with ice and it still won't get soggy with condensation..

If you're looking for 100% renewable cold cups, try these - and remember to order the corresponding flat lid.


They are available in 16oz and 22oz sizes with a flat lid that is also made from 100% renewable resources. 

The paper cold cups and lid are made from 100% renewable resources.


16oz Paper Cold Cup EPCP16. Double-sided PLA

22oz Paper Cold Cup EPCP22, Double-sided PLA


12-22oz Flat Lid for Paper Cold Cups, EPFLCC22


Eco-Products wants you to add colour and create an attractive place setting with these additional Plantware™ Compostable Cutlery options.


Redesigned for increased strength, handles are now 95% stronger and fork tines (prongs) are 20% stronger.


Plantware™ Cutlery is made from 100% renewable resources.

Renewable and Compostable Plantware™ Cutlery is the only choice if you're looking for compostable cutlery with a high-heat tolerance. The new formulation offers strength and heat tolerance up to 200° F. 

Blue Knife: EPS011BLU Dimensions: 6”

Blue Fork: EPS017BLU Dimensions: 7”

Blue Spoon: EPS013BLU Dimensions: 6”


Grey Knife: EPS011GRY Dimensions: 6”

Grey Fork: EPS017GRY Dimensions: 7”

Grey Spoon: EPS013GRY Dimensions: 6”


Black Knife: EPS011BLK Dimensions: 6”

Black Fork: EPS017BLK Dimensions: 7”

Black Spoon: EPS013BLK Dimensions: 6”


Look What's New from CuBE!


You've always trusted Microwavable, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe products from CuBE. We're always excited to offer you more selections. Here are four more shapes/sizes that will meet your take-out needs. 

Sturdy, durable and leak resistant the CuBE sleek design is great for high profile merchandising. 


Remember, CuBE offers unique branding that's a very effective promotional benefit. Since CuBE products are reusable, embossing your logo onto the lid is a great way to stay top-of-mind when your customers keep reusing your CuBE take-out container.

48oz 2-Compartment Container, Black Base /Clear Lid: CR3048B Dimensions: 9.25 x 9.25 x 2.10 inches


64oz Square Container, Black Base /Clear Lid: CS1064B Dimensions: 8.93 x 8.93 x 3.08 inches


56oz Rectangular Container, Black Base /Clear Lid: CR1156B Dimensions: 10.25" x 6.80" x 2.95"


84oz Rectangular Container, Black Base /Clear Lid: CR1284B Dimensions: 11.53" x 8.58" x 2.92"